New Ross Neighbourhood Watch (June 2024)

New Ross Neighbourhood Watch

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New Ross Neighbourhood Watch Highlights: May 31st 1, 2024 – June 14, 2024)

Crow Bangers Causing Sleepless Nights in Ballywilliam (Posted: June 12, 2024) Residents near Ballywilliam have been kept awake by malfunctioning crow bangers going off every 60 seconds throughout the night. An anonymous member has asked if anyone knows the owner to get them fixed. While some suggest going to bed earlier, others pointed out that every 60 seconds is excessive and not easily ignored.

Power Outages Frustrate Residents in Clonroche/Donard Area (Posted: June 11, 2024) Frequent power outages have been a significant issue in the Clonroche/Donard area, with the third outage in a week and a half reported. It was mentioned that Foulksmills has experienced even worse, with at least ten power cuts in a month. The Neighbourhood Watch is urging residents to report these outages to ESB to address the recurring problem.

Lost and Found: Dog Reunited with Owner (Posted: June 10, 2024) A small, friendly female dog with a collar was found wandering around Morresyland in Irishtown. Thanks to a quick post, the dog’s owner was able to retrieve her soon after the post went up. This highlights the community’s effectiveness in reuniting lost pets with their owners swiftly.

Money Lost in New Ross Area (Posted: June 9, 2024) A student lost over €700, which was his salary for a few weeks, on Sunday night after work in the New Ross area. A member reported that money had been found the other night but humorously added that it went to Paddy Power. The Neighbourhood Watch is encouraging anyone who may have found the money to come forward and help the student recover his lost wages.

Bees Nest in Campile Area (Posted: June 8, 2024) A member from the Campile area is seeking help to remove a bees nest from their fascia soffit. This request highlights the need for professional pest control services in the community. If you know of anyone who can safely remove bees, please reach out to the Neighbourhood Watch.

Leaky Gutters Needing Repair (Posted: June 7, 2024) A resident is looking for recommendations for someone to clean, seal, and secure leaky gutters. If you have any suggestions or know a reliable handyman, please share the information with the community.

Lost Glasses in New Ross (Posted: June 6, 2024) A member posted anonymously about losing a pair of Tommy Hilfiger vision glasses, black in color, on Sunday. If you find them, please comment on the post so the owner can arrange to collect them.

Friendly Cat Visits in Adamstown (Posted: June 5, 2024) A large, fluffy light-colored cat has been visiting a resident’s kitchen in Adamstown daily. The friendly feline has piqued curiosity, and it was suggested it might belong to someone on Fairfields Close. If you own this cat or know who does, please let the community know.


Community Announcements

Work Opportunities (Posted: June 4, 2024) There are job openings available for individuals with a full driving license. For more information, call 087-3977287.

Childminder Available for Summer (Posted: June 3, 2024) A Garda-vetted childminder is available throughout the summer in the Wellington Bridge, New Ross, and surrounding areas. If interested, please send a private message.

Grave Cleaning Services Needed (Posted: June 2, 2024) A resident is looking for someone in New Ross to clean graves, surrounds, and headstones. Recommendations included local stoneworks companies.

Looking for Work (Posted: June 1, 2024) Several members are looking for work. A 16-year-old is seeking any available jobs around New Ross, and a 34-year-old man is looking for laboring or concrete work. If you have opportunities, please leave a comment.

Flatpack Furniture Assembly (Posted: May 31, 2024) A member is looking for someone to assemble flatpack furniture in the New Ross area. If you know of anyone, please share their contact details.

Artist for Dog Portraits (Posted: May 30, 2024) A request has been made for someone who can draw or paint a dog portrait. If you know a talented artist, please recommend them.

Toys Donation (Posted: May 29, 2024) If you have toys to donate, it was suggested that a local thrift shop might take them, as long as they are not teddies.

Stay tuned for more updates and keep sharing your news and needs with the New Ross Neighbourhood Watch community!

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