Discover the New Ross Greenway

The New Ross Greenway is under construction. Learn about the Greenway & what you can do in New Ross and the wider area.

Discover the New Ross Greenway

The New Ross Greenway is under construction. Learn about the Greenway & what you can do in New Ross and the wider area.

Your Guide to the New Ross Greenway

The New Ross Greenway

Want the very best info about the New Ross Greenway & what you can do in the area? You’re in the right place. This is a website dedicated to showing you the best about the South Greenway and the wider area.

Connecting Waterford to New Ross & stretching through south Kilkenny; the greenway is under currently under construction.

The new greenway will travel along the old railway line linking New Ross, Co Wexford and Waterford City.

With the completion date in 2024, you can currently walk on parts of the greenway.

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Waterford to New Ross Greenway Map

New Ross Greenway Fact 1

The Railway line was closed on the 18th September 1963. The line closed because low passenger numbers.

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New Ross Greenway Fact 2

This Greenway will be 24km in length. Ready to exercise and take advantage of the stunning scenery?

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Highlights of the New Ross Greenway

Superb Cycling Paths

Ready to experience the south east greenway like never before? Going from Abbeylands in Waterford to mount Elliott in New Ross – you can experience the breathtaking south Kilkenny countryside from bike or foot.

New Ross

Ross’ (as the locals say) is another town steeped in history and infused with culture. From Kennedy Park (named after a certain American President who’s family history is in the town) to the town’s historic arts centre at St.Michael’s theatre – New Ross is a town worth exploring.

Waterford City

Travel from Ireland’s oldest city with spectacular views of the city. This once viking stronghold is the connection point to join up with the Waterford Greenway (stretching all the way to Dungarvan in west waterford). Enjoy Waterford from the local cusine (a blaa) to the world famous Waterford Crystal.

Mount Elliot  Tunnel

As part of the abandoned railway line between Waterford City & New Ross, the Mount Elliot tunnel has a fascinating history. It’s a key part of the historic railway same line that carried so many generations of people from the south east dating back to the late 19th century.

Mount Elliot Bridge

Joining Co.Wexford & Co.Kilkenny, the Mount Elliot Bridge has stunning views of the river Barrow. With a distinctive ‘red’, appearance this bridge is a central piece of the south east greenway. To cycle over this marine life underneath you while following the same line as years before – the Mount Elliot Bridge is worth visiting all year round.

Parts of the New Ross Greenway

Waterford – Rhu Glen

This part of the New Ross Greenway is very breathtaking. As you leave cross provinces (Munster to Leinster ) – you can breathe in the beauty of the south East. This particular part of the greenway – you pass through some stunning areas and  townslands such as Clover Meadows, Drumdowney and Slieverue.

You’ll also be within earshot of the Port of Waterford at Belview Port on the river suir. This is the closest Irish bulk port to mainland Europe. When you get to the Rhu Glen, you might fancy some dancing at the famous Rhu Glen hotel.

Rhu Glen – Glenmore

As you get further into the heart of south Kilkenny, you will briefly be the near the main road (N25). After this point You will get further from the main road and hear more and more nature. Passing through townlands such as Scartnamore, Kearneybay and Carrigcloney, you will edventually come into the townsland of Glenmore. With a fascinating history, this is a beautiful and quaint part of the greenway. Breathe in the nature of this wonderful area.

As you pass through Carrigcloney, you will be side by side with the River Barrow. Also, as you cycle or walk on thi part of the greenway, you will be within touching distance of the Kennedy Homestead in Dunganstown. If you are curious about the famous 35th U.S president and his ancestry in the area, it is well worth the visit.

Glenmore to New Ross

This part of the greenway is closer to the main road. And you are closer to a the main town of New Ross. Passing through townlands like Forristlastown, Shambough – this part of the greenway has a unique charm as you approach New Ross and change counties again.

As you enter New Ross, you will be cycling right along the river – passing famous sights such as the Dunbrody famine ship experience and the towns main bridge. As you go right under the famous cattle mart in Rosbercon – you will leave behind the city again to appraoch the famous Red Bridge and tunnel. Crossing over the river barrow here is a beautiful experience in the heart of a tranquil area while yet so close to the husle and bussle of Ross.

Frequentley Asked Questions

Work on the New Ross Greenway is underway. The official opening of the first part of the greenway took place in July 2023 with final completion estimated in 2025.

With current delays in Glenmore, talks are currently under way.

You’re waiting patiently. Just hold on a little longer!

Stretching from Ferrybank to New Ross, it will be a grand 24km. Plus if the Waterford Greenway is connected – that will be massive 70 KM (46km + 24km). The Waterford to Dungarvan greenway is fully operational and has revolutionised the county.

There are many beautiful parts to the New Ross Greenway. Here are a just few highlights (there are many more)

  • New Ross town
  • Mount Elliot Tunnel
  • Iconic View of the River Barrow
  • The famous red bridge (a historic part of the railway line for previous generations)
  • Glenmore
  • Views of Waterford city
  • And much, much more

Yes of course! You can walk and cycle on the greenway. Stretching 24km, it is long enough for all walking enthusiasts. The Waterford to New Ross Greenway has stunning scenery that will encourage all ages to get out and about.

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